Masters Students

Merle Kammer


Research Interests

  • General climate data analysis
  • Event synchronization methods
  • Explainable community detection
  • Climate networks


I am a computer science student at the University of Tübingen. Currently, I am working on my master thesis in the Machine Learning in Climate Science group. I have been interested in this group since taking a seminar on machine learning approaches in climate science. In my free time I do some volunteer work, go running, keep some bees and love nature.

Benedict Röder


Benedict completed his Master’s thesis on Parameter Inference and Uncertainty Quantification for an intermediate complexity climate model in August 2022.

Research Interests

I’m a computer science student currently working on my master’s thesis.

  • Hybrid Machine Learning / Physics-informed Machine Learning
  • Modelling and predicting the El Niño Southern Oscillation
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Robotics

Link to Benedict’s Masters Thesis

Julia Hellmig


Julia completed her Master’s thesis on Spatio-Temporal Patterns of European Heat Waves and Their Influence on Vegetation in July 2022.

Research Interests

  • Climate Data Analysis
  • Extreme Climate Events
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Clustering
  • Convolutional Neural Networks

Link to Julia’s Masters Thesis

Ranganatha B R


Research Interests

I find working with networks extremely intriguing. Studying complex phenomena on networks is the basis on which I have selected my projects. My main research interests are

  1. Deep Neural Networks in Climate Sciences
  2. Complex networks and Network Science
  3. Computational Neuroscience
  4. Computational social sciences


I am highly motivated to study science from an interdisciplinary point of view. Even though I major as a Physics student from IISER-T, each of my projects have incorporated aspects from multiple disciplines. I really enjoy working on toy computational models and visualizations like an airplane filling model and backing it up with some preliminary statistical analysis.

I really enjoy participating in science quizzes and competitions and listening to and playing music is my favourite activity of any day. Grooming plants, painting are some of my other interests. I tend to make as many friends as possible and don’t hesitate to make an effort for new connections.

Lea Elsemüller


Lea completed her Masters thesis on Quantifying the Intertropical Convergence Zone using wind convergences in November 2021.


Research Interests

  • Climate data analysis
  • ITCZ analysis and prediction
  • Deep neural network
  • Bayesian inference
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning

Link to Lea’s Masters Thesis

Bachelors Students

Davide Lussu


Davide completed his Bachelor’s thesis on Machine Learning Methods to Model Monthly Precipitation over the Western Mediterranean Using Climate Indices in July 2022.

Research Interests

  • Precipitation in the Mediterranean
  • Teleconnections of atmospheric oscillation indices (such as NAO)
  • Regression modeling using
    • Statistical ML methods
    • Artificial Neural Networks/MLP

Link to Davide’s Bachelor’s Thesis

Jakob Unterholzner


Jakob completed his Bachelor’s thesis on Spatial and frequency dependence of westerly wind events causing ENSO diversity in June 2022

Research Interests

  • Climate Data Analyses
  • El Nino Southern Oscillation diversity, especially atmospheric precursers
  • Causal Inference methods(Regression, PCMCI Algorithm)

Link to Jakob’s Bachelor’s Thesis

Alexej Onken


Alexej completed his Bachelor’s thesis on the Evolution of ENSO precipitation teleconnections in March 2022.

Link to Alexej’s Bachelors Thesis

Markus Deppner


Markus completed his Bachelors thesis project on ENSO impact on river discharge in South America in October 2021.

Research Interests

  • General climate data analysis
  • Impacts and connections of the El Niño Southern Oscillation
  • Interactions between climatic systems
  • Probabilistic Models (Gaussian Process Regression)
  • Data reconstruction and prediction

Link to Markus’s Bachelors Thesis

Administrative Staff



I obtained both my BA in Literature and my MA in Media Studies at the University of Milan, Italy. After working for two Italian publishers, I moved to Germany, where I worked as a project manager for a translation company. In September 2020, I joined the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning.” In my free time I teach Italian (my native language), read and cook a lot and travel whenever I can. Recently, I have started to take interest in sustainable fashion.