MLCS welcomes highly motivated researchers at all stages of their careers to tackle challenging problems in climate science. A background in Computer Science, Physics, or Mathematics is ideal but not necessary. Feel free to contact us if you want to work with us at the interface of machine learning and climate.

Doctoral and postdoctoral projects

Please send a brief summary of your background and research interests (in one page), a rough sketch of the research questions that you would like to work on (also in one page), and brief CV. Also keep in mind that applications to third-party funding may be necessary.

Bachelors and Masters theses projects

Please send us an email summarising your university background, the courses you have taken, and research experience, if any. Please send a copy of your current university transcripts as well. If you already have a research topic or question in mind, write a brief paragraph about it. Otherwise, we also have a running list of potential Bachelors and Masters thesis–level project ideas which we would love to discuss with you.