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Research Interests

I find working with networks extremely intriguing. Studying complex phenomena on networks is the basis on which I have selected my projects. My main research interests are

  1. Deep Neural Networks in Climate Sciences
  2. Complex networks and Network Science
  3. Computational Neuroscience
  4. Computational social sciences


I am highly motivated to study science from an interdisciplinary point of view. Even though I major as a Physics student from IISER-T, each of my projects have incorporated aspects from multiple disciplines. I really enjoy working on toy computational models and visualizations like an airplane filling model and backing it up with some preliminary statistical analysis.

I really enjoy participating in science quizzes and competitions and listening to and playing music is my favourite activity of any day. Grooming plants, painting are some of my other interests. I tend to make as many friends as possible and don’t hesitate to make an effort for new connections.