Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning”
Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6
72076 Tübingen

Research Interests

  • Precipitation in the Mediterranean
  • Teleconnections of atmospheric oscillation indices (such as NAO)
  • Regression modeling using
    • Statistical ML methods
    • Artificial Neural Networks/MLP

More details about my bachelor’s thesis project can be found here


I’m a Bachelor’s student studying Media Informatics and I’m currently writing my bachelor’s thesis at MLCS. My interests during my studies were mainly focussed on topics such as web development and human-computer interaction. While looking for a bachelor’s thesis, my general interest in nature and geography and wanting to look into machine learning methods caught my interest in the highly relevant topics of machine learning and climate science, even though they differ from the main elements of Media Informatics. Generally speaking about myself, I love to get in contact with peoples from all kinds of cultures, exploring music from all around the world and I live in Freiburg next to the Black Forest, so I often go out mountainbiking there.