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Research Interests

I address relevant methodological questions in paleoclimate and climate data analysis with tools and techniques from classical statistics, machine learning, nonlinear time series analysis, and complex networks. The data are diverse and heterogeneous, arising from re-analysis, satellite radars, meteorological and hydrological station networks and paleoclimate proxy archives. Each data set has its own peculiarities and challenges, and in my experience, more often than not, we cannot apply existing methods ‘out-of-the-box’ to find the answers we wish to have. Rather, we have to adapt and extend the state-of-the-art to arrive at reliable results.

I have worked on abrupt transitions in climatic systems and how uncertainties impact our inferences on paleoclimate variability. I have also tried to unravel the interactions between climatic systems governing global temperature and how unsupervised learning can help us identify long-range interactions between oceans and rainfall. Part of my work also deals with climate networks, along with recurrence plots and extreme events.



  • J. Thümmel, M. Karlbauer, Sebastian Otte, Christiane Zarfl, Georg Martius, Nicole Ludwig, Thomas Scholten, Ulrich Friedrich, Volker Wulfmeyer, B. Goswami, & Martin Butz, Inductive biases in deep learning models for weather prediction (in prep., journal undecided, likely submitted by May)

  • F. Strnad, J. Schlör, R. Geen, N. Boers, & B.Goswami, Propagation pathways of South Asian rainfall extremes are modulated by Pacific sea surface temperatures, Nat. Comms. (under review)


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