We started receiving the “Letters of Acceptance” emails from EGU yesterday one by one. Although geoscience conferences are not as strict as machine learning / computer science / engineering conferences, it was still really happy news for our group that all of our submitted (!) abstracts got accepted.

Felix Strnad’s study on the global monsoon got accepted to the session AS1.10 on global monsoons and Jakob Schlör’s work on sea surface temperatures on the tropical Pacific got accepted in session CL2.13 - ENSO and tropical basin interactions. Lea Elsemüller’s work on the intertropical convergence zone got accepted in session CL2.6 on energy and moisture cycles and Markus Deppner’s work on river discharge in South America got accepted in session CL4.11 on extreme events in the Andes.

In addition to this, three collaborative projects involving Bedartha Goswami got accepted as well. These include: joint work with Manmeet Singh at IITM Pune on volcanic fingerprint on ENSO and Indian Monsoon coupled system (accepted in session AS3.25 on understanding volcano-climate impacts), joint work with Sebastian Höpker on formulating a quantitative hydrological proxy (accepted in session CL5.).1 on novel quantitative methods for paleoenvironment reconstructions), and joint work with Abhirup Banerjee on a new recurrence-plot-based approach to detect coupling between heterogeneous data types (accepted in session NP5.2 on complex systems science).

Lots of stuff to present this year. Hope to see you there as well!